Smith Lake Jake hedging until Groundhog Day

It’s been a week of anticipation and spotlight for Smith Lake Jake ­– the gregarious groundhog named for his birthplace on the shores of the Alabama Power lake.

We recently caught him prepping for his biggest day of the year, pondering the outcome of the question: early spring or eternal winter?

Saving his own voice for festivities to come, Smith Lake Jake spoke with us through the translation talents of his favorite human, Ginger Whitworth, who provides a home for the star, his wife and their three little groundhogs.

We begged and pleaded, and Jake finally offered a personal prediction – with some hedging.

But even Jake won’t know for sure until Groundhog Day.

Meanwhile, he dignified other queries with groundhog grace.

Visit NewsCenter on Monday, Groundhog Day, to learn our fate for the six weeks to come.

Spring, spring, let it be spring!

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