Major hurricanes that threatened Alabama: Ivan deluges Eastern Seaboard

In recognition of the start of hurricane season 2015, we’re revisiting some of the major storms that have affected the Gulf region over the past 90 years. Today, we take a look at Hurricane Ivan.


Hurricane Ivan

Landfall: Sept. 16, 2004

Level: Category 5

U.S. Deaths: 25 *

Highest wind level: 160 mph

Ivan scored a direct hit on Gulf Shores as a Category 3 hurricane, with 120 mph winds and a 14-foot storm surge. Destruction was extensive, with some cleanup debris piles reaching 70 feet tall and three-quarters of a mile wide. Ivan produced heavy rains and flooding across the entire Eastern Seaboard and spawned over 100 tornadoes. It then reached the Atlantic Ocean a second time and veered south before hitting the U.S. again – in southern Florida on Sept. 21. Ivan set a world record of 32 consecutive six-hour periods at Category 4 strength.

*figures may vary

SOURCE: National Hurricane Center,,

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