Major hurricanes that threatened Alabama: Camille a Category 5 monster

In recognition of the start of hurricane season 2015, we’re revisiting some of the major storms that have affected the Gulf region over the past 90 years. Today, we take a look at Hurricane Camille.


Hurricane Camille

Landfall: August 18, 1969

Level: Category 5

U.S. Deaths: 256 *

Highest wind level: 200 mph (est.)

Camille was the second of three Category 5 hurricanes to strike the U.S. in the 20th century (the others were the 1935 Labor Day hurricane and Hurricane Andrew in 1992). Camille caused a 24-foot storm surge on the New Orleans and Mississippi coasts and actually made the Mississippi River flow backwards for 125 miles. In Alabama, 26,000 homes and 1,000 businesses were destroyed. Nearly half the storm deaths occurred in Virginia, mostly in Nelson County, which was deluged by 27 inches of rain.

*figure may vary

SOURCE: National Hurricane Center,,

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