Are your azaleas and boxwoods a modern meter defeater?

Are your azaleas and boxwoods a modern meter defeater?
Keeping your meter clear of shrubbery and debris is an important safety concern for workers, who need about 10 feet clearance in case a problem requires them to clear the space quickly. (Linda Brannon/Alabama NewsCenter)

It has been more than six years since Alabama Power completed installing digital meters for all customers. That’s more than six years since customers have seen meter readers going door-to-door every month to check electricity usage.

Digital meters offer numerous benefits. Because they can be read remotely, the digital meters have helped reduce personnel costs and other expenses (gasoline, vehicle maintenance) related to driving and collecting meter readings from more than 1.4 million customers every month. Less driving and fewer visits to customers’ private property also aid employee safety.


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Because customers have less to worry about with their digital meters, they can be easily forgotten. But there are still times when Alabama Power needs to check them.

Alabama Power tests a number of meters annually, across the system, and your help is needed to ensure employees have a clear path to your meter. Testing meters is an important way Alabama Power ensures your service stays reliable.

Help keep the path to your meter clear and the meter easily accessible – for your safety and the safety and reliability of your electric service. So the next time you are walking around your property or business, take a moment to locate your meter and make sure it is accessible.

Meters shouldn’t be obstructed by shrubs or other items. But be cautious when trimming near them, so that you stay safe and don’t damage the equipment. If your meter is behind a gate or fence, make sure it is still accessible.

If you have questions about your meter or your service, please call Alabama Power at 1-800-245-2244 or visit

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