Alabama Power lineman Tim McWilliams: ‘The only way to do this job is to do it safely.’

Alabama Power lineman Tim McWilliams: ‘The only way to do this job is to do it safely.’
Tim McWilliams leaves Patton Chapel crew headquarters to go and supervise his crews. (Keisa Sharpe/Alabama NewsCenter)

Alabama Power Lead Lineman Tim McWilliams takes safety seriously. He works out of the crew headquarters (supervises a crew) at Patton Chapel in Hoover.

“Most times people think you’re just standing around and not doing anything,” said McWilliams. “But we are monitoring everything, making sure our guys are doing the job safely. It’s a lot of responsibility.”

And it’s a responsibility he wouldn’t trade for anything. McWilliams says his work is fulfilling because he’s able to help provide continuity for people in keeping the lights on.

The husband and father of three not only considers himself responsible for Alabama Power customers, but also the linemen who work on his crew.

Alabama Power lineman Timothy McWilliams enjoys helping other people from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

“As you get older, you start to see how important it is to get back home safely each day to your family,” said McWilliams. “It’s one of the things I teach our younger linemen – that they’re not just doing this job for themselves, but others are depending on them as well.”

McWilliams has been employed with Alabama Power for nearly 15 years. He has a daughter and two sons and has been very involved in their lives and extra curricular activities, as his schedule permits.

McWilliams also sees his role as a mentor to young linemen critical. “Our biggest goal and priority is safety, and we have to teach these young men that very thing when they come to work for this company.”

One item that helps the young linemen is recognizing hazards. McWilliams said this helps them feel more comfortable doing the job and doing it responsibly.

“There’s a lot that rests on my shoulders in this position, but I come to work and give it my best shot each day so these men can return home safely to their families.”


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