A look inside the Ideal Home from the Montgomery Parade of Homes

A look inside the Ideal Home from the Montgomery Parade of Homes
Energy efficiency technologies are among the innovations in the All-Electric Ideal Home at the Greater Montgomery Home Builders Parade of Homes. (Karim Shamsi-Basha / Alabama NewsCenter)

Energy efficiency features in a home not only provide comfort, but they can help save money.

Interested homeowners have an opportunity to see for themselves cutting-edge high-efficiency technologies in the Greater Montgomery Home Builders (GMHBA) All-Electric Ideal Home for 2017.

“This home functions more efficiently than the average new home on today’s market,” said Alabama Power Energy Efficiency Program Manager Shon Richey. “We are excited for people to come out and see the home with all of the upgrades to feel the difference in comfort, and to promote these technologies and their benefits.”

A look inside the innovations of the Ideal Home in the Greater Montgomery Home Builders Parade of Homes from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

The Ideal Home is part of the GMHBA Parade of Homes that features 48 new homes throughout the Montgomery area. Events kicked off on July 8 and 9, and will run July 15 and 16 from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The Ideal Home is equipped with various energy-efficient systems and technologies, such as a Diakin system 16 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) heat pump, tankless electric water heater, Rheem heat pump water heater, LED lighting, induction cooktop and a Clipper Creek electric vehicle car charger.

These features are already paying off before a homeowner even moves in – the home recently scored a projected 56 in its Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index test. HERS is the standard in inspecting, testing and calculating a home’s energy performance.

“A HERS rating is like a golf score: the lower it is, the better it is,” Richey said. “This home achieved less than a 56, which is a great accomplishment and makes the home 14 percent more efficient than standard new home construction and approximately 44 percent more efficient than a home built a few years ago.”

The home’s HERS rating qualified it for the Alabama Power Superior Solutions Platinum Home designation, the program’s highest level.

“A home reaches the platinum level for our Superior Solutions program when it scores less than a 65 on its HERS rating,” said Alabama Power Residential Marketing Representative Wesley Gallops. “With its 56 HERS, this home is obviously well below that, and this designation will show how home builders can use the Superior Solutions program as a guide to help achieve high-performance and efficient homes.”

LED lighting is a small feature in a home that can make a big difference, and it did exactly that for the Ideal Home.

“This home has over 50 can lights throughout it,” said Gallops. “If typical incandescent light bulbs were installed, you would really feel the heat coming off them. With the LEDs that we used, they not only look great but the heat is not a factor.”

Gallops shared the home is ready for additional innovations with a Clipper Creek electric vehicle charger in the garage.

“Manufacturers are producing more electric vehicles and so you are going to see more and more electric vehicles on the road over the next few years, and this home is already prepared,” said Gallops.

Gallops and Richey worked closely with the home builder, David Strickland, to ensure the home included the most efficient electric technologies.

“Homeowners are well aware of energy efficiency these days because ultimately it affects their bottom line and saves them more money,” Strickland said.

Strickland is the vice president of the GMHBA and is excited for the Parade of Homes to promote the latest and greatest in home design.

“The goal of the Parade of Homes is a way to showcase all of our latest designs in housing,” Strickland said.

Parade of Homes attendees have a new way to help guide them through the parade map on their smartphones with the Parade Craze App. Attendees can find the app by searching “Parade Craze” in their app download catalog.

The Ideal Home is located at 9236 Sheraton Park Way in the New Park subdivision. New Park is the central site for the Parade of Homes and features seven homes from six different builders.

For more information, visit www.gmhba.org.

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