Alabama Power crews complete Irma restoration in Georgia, turn attention to Florida

Alabama Power crews complete Irma restoration in Georgia, turn attention to Florida
Support teams are critical to line crews who restore power after outages. (Bruce Nix / Alabama NewsCenter)

About 2,300 Alabama Power crew members and support personnel on Sunday completed their work restoring power for Georgia Power customers affected by Hurricane Irma, with about 900 heading to help in Florida.

Alabama Power employees last week restored about 71,000 outages in Alabama before leaving Sept. 13 to help repair Georgia Power’s record-breaking outages affecting nearly 1 million customers. Georgia Power released the assisting employees Sunday morning after almost all power had been restored in Georgia.

Alabama Power Delivery Contract Services Manager Corey Sweeney said Florida Power & Light requested Alabama Power employee assistance in restoring FPL’s remaining 400,000 outages. The Florida utility had more than 4.5 million outages before Hurricane Irma moved out of that state one week ago.

“In Florida, forces totaling over 22,000 have gathered from 30 states to make up what FPL is calling ‘the largest restoration workforce’ in their history,” Sweeney said. “Over 900 Alabama Power company line crew, support personnel, resident contract line and tree personnel are being deployed to FPL to join the restoration team.”

On Friday, we told you about how our line crews work to restore outages. Their work is made possible by the support services that handle everything from food, security and maintenance to the all-important supplies necessary in the restoration process.

Videographer Bruce Nix and producer Joseph Allen share their story.

Alabama Power’s restoration efforts made possible by support services backing line crews from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

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