Dr. Myland Brown creates Living History in Dothan and beyond

Dr. Myland Brown creates Living History in Dothan and beyond
Dr. Myland Brown talks with Ken Mullinax at the Alabama State University (ASU) Founders' Day program. Dr. Brown is a celebrated alumnus of ASU in Montgomery. (Bruce Nix/Alabama NewsCenter)

Engaging, personable and dedicated, Dr. Myland Brown immediately connects to those he meets. On introductions, he extends a hand, often shares a quick joke and a gregarious laugh.

He’s an accomplished professional, but also a true Southern gentleman. His resume points to an incredible trail as educator, author and children’s advocate.

Quite inspiring for this Dothan native, who admits that although he grew up in poverty, he allowed his poor beginnings to fuel his drive to succeed. That drive, and book smarts, allowed him to become the first African-American to earn a doctorate from Ball State University.

From there, he went on to become a well-traveled education administrator and leader, inspiring author and children’s advocate.

Brown says his parents instilled in him a determination to succeed, and because he found hope through the generosity of others, he’s determined to help students find their way.

He is quick to acknowledge he has received help and has lived his life giving a helping hand to others, whether to troubled youths who needed a way out, or students who needed education and skilled life guidance. Brown freely gave and still gives.

Some of his students, of diverse cultural backgrounds, have gone on to do extraordinary things. Some have authored best-selling books (Alan M. Blankstein, “Failure is Not an Option”) in which they give a “shout out” to Brown; others have led national mentoring organizations affecting thousands. (Dr. Thomas Dortch, 100 Black Men of America).

Brown has broken down barriers in his personal life and in the lives of others, and even though he’s well into his 80s, he shows no sign of stopping now.

From Dothan to the world, this Alabama native has a gift of education that will keep on giving – now and long after he is gone.

Dr. Myland Brown is Living History.

Myland Brown creates Living History in Dothan and beyond from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

Find out more about Brown and his book “Pure Butter,” here: http://www.pure-butter.com/

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