An Alabama lens on the storms to the north

An Alabama lens on the storms to the north

What might be the last gasp of winter breathed frost on Alabama Thursday morning, but that wasn’t the coldest awakening for Alabama Power employees. Some woke up to a winter wonderland gone wrong.

A Nor’easter dropped massive amounts on snow on across several states, and Alabama Power is one of several companies helping with the recovery.

A couple of dozen damage evaluators are in northern New Jersey, helping repair crews prioritize their work, and identifying challenges that might slow down the work. Those making the recovery plans need to know which roads are inaccessible for maintenance and repair vehicles and what needs to be cleared away to make the work possible.

Areas still waiting to get power back after losing it in a thundersnow event last week will be delayed further, as another system swept through with more winds and snow. Some communities have as much as two feet of snow on the ground, and could be digging out for weeks.

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