Lineman appreciates Alabama Power’s safety standards

Lineman appreciates Alabama Power’s safety standards
Teamwork is essential to the safety of Alabama Power's linemen. (Brittany Faush/Alabama NewsCenter)

Alabama Power’s safety message is hitting home with employees.

State’s exhibit A could be Transmission Lineman Travis Burnett.

“It certainly has become a core value for me, and for all these guys. They tell us to take safety home with us,” said Burnett, who works in the Birmingham Division. “When I was growing up, we didn’t use earplugs and safety glasses at home. Now, when I go home, I make sure I have those things with me. It’s good to have Target Zero safety 24/7 – at home and on the job.”

Burnett got started with Alabama Power as an apprentice lineman in Montgomery, then took the same position in Birmingham before becoming a full-fledged Transmission lineman this past January.

The company’s “teamwork mentality” goes a long way toward keeping the crew safe, Burnett said.

“For our crew, whether it be the management side – the foreman, the crew leader – all the way down to our linemen apprentices, it takes all of us working together, having each other’s back,” he said.

For a simple reason.

“When you’ve got more eyes on the job, they’re able to spot something that may be a safety hazard, that maybe we didn’t catch at the time. They’re able to holler at us, and say, ‘Hey, watch out to your left. You’ve got something over there you need to pay attention to.’

“It’s being our brother’s keeper, really, looking out for each other, because we care for each other.”

Watch the video below to hear more from Burnett.

Appreciating linemen includes focus on safety from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

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