Alabama company AerBetic’s diabetes management device makes splash at CES 2019

Alabama company AerBetic’s diabetes management device makes splash at CES 2019
AerBetic's diabetes management device claimed major awards at CES 2019, the world's largest technology event. (AerBetic)

An Alabama company’s invention made a big impression at the world’s largest consumer technology event.

Birmingham-based AerBetic Inc. last week participated in CES 2019 in Las Vegas, where it demonstrated an innovative device that helps diabetics better manage their blood sugar.

The non-invasive, wearable diabetes alert system contains nano-sensors that detect gases, given off through breath or skin, that are symptomatic of high or low blood sugar. It will pair with smartphone apps, aiding the ability to push alerts to patients and caregivers.

During CES, the company won several awards, including “Best of the Best at CES” from The Chicago Tribune and Best Reviews magazine. The Tribune also named AerBetic in an article as “Best Health Monitor Tech.”

In addition, AerBetic was recognized as one of the “10 CES 2019 gadgets for forward-thinking first responders” by FireRescue1 and Smithsonian Magazine also recognized AerBetic as one of the “Seven Unforgettable Inventions Unveiled at This Year’s CES.”

“We were blown away by the reception we received at CES, from industry partners, to the media, to the people who sought us out because they are personally affected by diabetes,” said AerBetic CEO and entrepreneur Arnar Thors.

“The universal positive feedback reaffirmed to us that our mission with AerBetic is a vital and important one. We’re now looking forward on capitalizing on our momentum and continuing to drive toward delivering this product.”

The device was inspired by Thors’ family pet, a yellow Lab that came from a place that also trains alert animals. Many diabetics rely on specially trained dogs to detect increases in volatile organic compounds in their exhaled breath; AerBetic’s device will detect the same gas patterns.

Attracting interest

AerBetic also participated in CES Unveiled, a media-only event featuring a select group of exhibitors. During the event, company officials shared the AerBetic story with several dozen news outlets and stakeholders, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and others.

Following the event, AerBetic was featured in Wired Magazine, CNBC, Techlicious, Clark Howard, KTNV Las Vegas and others.

During the show, AerBetic attracted interest from numerous potential partners, investors and supporters. Visiting companies included Apple, Samsung, FitBit, Google, Timex, Amazon, Best Buy, Sam’s Club/Walmart, Target and others.

Company officials say the positive attention prompted a huge spike in web traffic and worldwide interest in the beta testing phase.

Testing for AerBetic’s device is expected to begin in the first quarter of this year, with the first production units scheduled to ship late this year or early next year.

This story originally appeared on the Alabama Department of Commerce’s Made in Alabama website.

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