Alabama Maker Leldon Maxcy shows us the art in wood

Alabama Maker Leldon Maxcy shows us the art in wood
Alabama Maker Leldon Maxcy works on a piece of art by cutting wood on a saw in his basement in his Cullman home. (Joe Allen)

The Maker: Leldon Maxcy 

To the average person, Leldon Maxcy‘s basement in Cullman is home to a ton of wood.

To the untrained eye, stacks of wood may not be exciting, at first. But to those with an artist’s eye, like Maxcy, the room holds a world of possibility.

With the whir of his scroll saw, the billow of smoke from the laser cutter and the humming of the saw, production begins and artistic originals take shape.

Maxcy is an Alabama Maker who quit his full-time managerial job to pursue his passion of creating art with wood. His passion – or gamble, to some – has paid off royally.

He began creating artisanal items at only 13, when he purchased a scroll saw, and his passion – now his life’s work – was born.

Perhaps not the object of most teens’ fancies, Maxcy’s drive was undeniable. He began to create original “wood” works of art.

Now, Maxcy combines his original ideas with updated computer technology, allowing him to mass produce and create designs in short time frames.

Whether he crafts a wood figurine such as an angel or uses the laser cutter to produce custom-made wood notebooks engraved with the Birmingham cityscape, you begin to understand Maxcy’s basement is his office and his muse – a playground for the creator.

Maxcy’s work can be found in stores, or meet the Alabama Maker and see his artwork at festivals that he frequents. Either way, you will discover Maxcy’s passion for his craft.

Leldon Maxcy

The Product: Notebooks, angel ornaments, cutting boards, door signs, bottle openers, pictures and other custom-designed wood items.

Take Home: Custom-made, wood notebooks to hold composition notebooks.

Visit his website, or look for custom-made items on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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