Chris Davis is an Alabama Maker who speaks through his art

Chris Davis is an Alabama Maker who speaks through his art
Dogs are a popular and inspirational part of Chris Davis' work as an artist. (Chris Davis/Facebook)

Draw Dog Pet Portraits (Birmingham)

The Maker: Chris Davis

Chris Davis is determined to leave his mark on Birmingham. He’s not just an artist, but he’s also a rising comedian.

He just “knew” at an early age he’d be an artist. “By age 7, I told myself I’d be an artist.” And whether it’s creating “The Dog and Pony Show” exhibit at Birmingham Artwalk or creating custom pieces for corporations like Alabama Power, his art has clearly struck a chord with the Magic City.

One staple of his work is his undeniable love for dogs and a niche for creating popular doggie designs.

“I entered my first art show and didn’t know what I’d create. Then it dawned on me that I’d created illustrations of dogs before, so I decided to do that.”

But cat lovers need not bristle, he shares an admiration for these animals, too, as a previous owner.

“I’m often asked why I don’t show as much love for cats,” said Davis. “Rest assured I love cats too; it was just easier when I began to create dogs in art. But certainly, I show the cats some love.”

One hallmark of his work is the creative way he uses color with his paintings. A dog or cate wouldn’t ordinarily have purple or pink ears, but for Chris’ pieces, splashes of color just work to bring life and warmth to his art.

Alabama Maker Cristopher Davis excels in the artistic from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

Before branching out to explore his artistic creations full-time, he worked for Southern Living magazine for a decade. His roots there were in graphic design.

You could say the one thing an artist and comedian have in common, is that they both see things a little differently. Art he was certain of fairly early, but becoming a comedian took a little more coaxing – and faith. According to Davis, he jokingly added that he “picked two professions to embarrass their family.”

He’s honing his craft and is constantly appearing in shows or comic events.

“I was always the shy type around strangers, but I would crack jokes constantly around my friends.” said Martin. His talent and new comfort level with comedy lead him to be featured as a Tedx speaker.

Davis is a product of the Birmingham school systems. He studied art at Lawson State Community College before moving to Savannah College of Art Design to earn his degree in graphic design.

He continues to work and says part of his legacy is to inspire other artists and continue to share his artistic gift with his home community.

The product: Drawings of various animals or images in colorful designs.

Take home: An 8 x 10 painting of a dog or cat for $95.

Find Chris Davis on Facebook and on Instagram or email him at [email protected]

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