National Engineers Week Alabama Power Spotlight: Jodi Franklin

National Engineers Week Alabama Power Spotlight: Jodi Franklin
Alabama Power Distribution engineer Jodi Franklin on the job in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. Franklin says storm restoration is the most rewarding part of her job. (contributed)

(Editor’s Note: During National Engineers Week, Feb. 17-23, Alabama NewsCenter is profiling engineers at Alabama Power’s Corporate Headquarters and each of the company’s divisions.)


Jodi Franklin

Alabama NewsCenter: What is your job title and work location?

Jodi Franklin: I am a Distribution engineer III in the Anniston Office.

ANC: How long have you worked for the company?

Franklin: I began co-oping for the company in January 2016. I hired on full time in December of 2017.

ANC: Where did you go to school?

Franklin: The University of Alabama.

ANC: What made you want to pursue a career in engineering?

Franklin: I chose a career in engineering because I love problem-solving and a challenge.

ANC: Can you provide a brief description of your work?

Franklin: I provide service to residential, commercial and industrial customers while working to maintain a reliable system.

ANC: What do you find most rewarding about your career?

Franklin: The most rewarding part about being an engineer at Alabama Power is when I am assisting in storm restoration. In most situations, we are not only restoring power, but we are restoring people’s hope after going through a devastating event.

ANC: What makes you most optimistic or excited about the role engineers are playing in the innovation economy?

Franklin: I am most excited about how we are able to integrate new technology into our system to provide more reliable service and help meet our customer expectations.

ANC: What do most non-engineers not understand about engineering and/or engineers?

Franklin: Engineers typically get stereotyped into one specific category. Most non-engineers do not realize how diverse in personality engineers actually are.

ANC: How many pocket protectors do you own?

Franklin: Zero – I do not think I have ever owned a pocket protector.

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