National Engineers Week Alabama Power Spotlight: Arnab Ghosal

National Engineers Week Alabama Power Spotlight: Arnab Ghosal
Engineer Arnab Ghosal is Power Delivery Connectivity and Innovation manager at Alabama Power's Corporate Headquarters. (contributed)

(Editor’s Note: During National Engineers Week, Feb. 17-23, Alabama NewsCenter is profiling engineers at Alabama Power’s Corporate Headquarters and each of the company’s divisions.)


Arnab Ghosal

Alabama NewsCenter: What is your job title and work location?

Arnab Ghosal: Power Delivery Connectivity and Innovation manager, APC Corporate HQ.

ANC: How long have you worked for the company?

Ghosal: Have been with APC for 13 years. All my time has been spent in Power Delivery.

Improving the electrical grid is a constant focus for Alabama Power’s Arnab Ghosal. (contributed)

ANC: Where did you go to school?

Ghosal: THE University of Alabama. Roll Tide!

ANC: What made you want to pursue a career in engineering?

Ghosal: My mom is a math teacher and my dad is an engineer, so that had a big influence on my career path. Also, I always enjoyed math, so engineering made sense to pursue.

ANC: Can you provide a brief description of your work?

Ghosal: Our team is constantly looking for ways to make the electrical grid as efficient and effective as possible for our customers. We look for different types of solutions that support our automation and communication strategies.

ANC: What do you find most rewarding about your career?

Ghosal: 100 percent the relationships I’ve made throughout my career; people matter and people are great.

ANC: What makes you most optimistic or excited about the role engineers are playing in the innovation economy?

Ghosal: The utility industry is changing with all the emerging technologies and the view people have of our infrastructure. Engineers today will have a huge impact on what the grid of the future looks like. As engineers, we must think of innovative solutions and strategies that will be needed to support our industry going forward.

ANC: What do most non-engineers not understand about engineering and/or engineers?

Ghosal: That titles really don’t define our work. We spend a lot of our days making impacts outside of what people define as “engineering” work.

ANC: How many pocket protectors do you own?

Ghosal: Seventeen. I have one for every national championship Alabama has won.

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