HICA’s Isabel Rubio is an Alabama Bright Light

HICA’s Isabel Rubio is an Alabama Bright Light
Isabel Raubio helps new immigrant Latinos realize their dreams and aspirations. (Karim Shamsi-Basha/Alabama NewsCenter)

Growing up in the civil rights South in Mississippi, Isabel Rubio is a third-generation Mexican American who had it in her heart to give back to her community. She desired a place that provided open doors and helped the immigrant population.

That was when she founded HICA, the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama.

“We are a nonprofit organization that we started in 1999, to make sure we were giving new immigrant Latinos an organization to realize their dreams and aspirations,” Rubio said.

HICA does a wide variety of work, from helping immigrants become U.S. citizens, to helping children go to college, to helping entrepreneurs create businesses. Last year, HICA assisted in 40 new businesses in Birmingham that provided jobs for over 60 people.

“HICA is really that bridge that connects our Latino population with the broader community,” Rubio said. “Being in Birmingham, especially with its history with civil rights, this is the perfect place to make that happen.”

Isabel Rubio helps new immigrant Latinos realize their dreams and aspirations from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

The new logo for HICA was presented recently at a celebration that hosted supporters and board members.

“Tonight we are here to celebrate 20 years of amazing history. We have a lot of gratitude to Alabama Power and other organizations who have been with us since the very beginning,” Rubio said.

Cayenne Creative designed the new logo.

“Before working with HICA, we’d known of them as a group that gives a voice to an often underserved community,” said Cayenne Creative partner Dan Monroe. “And in Isabel and the team, we got to know a group of fierce advocates who skillfully empower the community they serve. They are passionate and dedicated, and the Cayenne team is passionate and dedicated. In the HICA folks, we found kindred spirits; it’s been a great partnership.”

For Rubio, the unveiling was a huge moment.

“Tonight, we are presenting a new logo that spruces up our image but keeps the warm and inviting friendliness of who we are. The new logo will take us forward another 20 years,” Rubio said. “It’s totally humbling to see the appreciation of the people we work with, the work that means so much to them. It’s very rewarding.”

On June 13, HICA will hold a celebratory breakfast at Regions Field. Then, on June 15, HICA members and guests will enjoy a night with the Barons.

With a new logo taking HICA forward, Rubio plans to continue helping the immigrant community in Birmingham and in Alabama, for years to come.

For more information, visit www.hispanicinterest.org.

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