Recipe: The Hot Dog Crosshatch

Recipe: The Hot Dog Crosshatch
A fun choice for summertime grilling. (Southern Bite)

I’m so excited to share this super-easy trick that makes hot dogs even better. They look pretty cool, too. My mom started doing this when I was a kid and we’ve been doing it ever since. Cutting them allows your favorite marinade or barbecue sauce to get all in the crevices to add even more flavor.

Jack just loves the way these look – not that I have to do anything special to get this kid to eat a hot dog. He’d eat them at every meal if we let him. I guess most kids are like that, huh?

I used Ball Park® Bun Size Beef Franks for these. They’re 100 percent beef and you can find them at every Walmart.

Fire up the grill and jazz up your hot dog with a delicious marinade. (Southern Bite)

This simple trick will make you a grill legend this summer, I promise.

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