The World Games explained: Lifesaving

The World Games explained: Lifesaving
The competitive sport of lifesaving grew out of rescue training for lifeguards. (contributed)

We are less than two years away from the World Games 2021 taking place in and around Birmingham. Many are likely unfamiliar with the sports in the World Games, so Alabama NewsCenter is explaining what you can expect to see. Today, we look at Lifesaving.

Lifesaving is a sport version of lifeguarding, involving rescuing a mannequin.

Lifesaving primarily serves as a means of training lifeguards to be better at their job, though it does have a World Championship and a spot at the World Games.

The official lifesaving dummy is called a Manikin and is the standard model for all pool disciplines. This orange dummy is either fully filled with water and submerged to enable a competitor to “carry” it, or partially filled with water to enable a competitor to “tow” it with a rescue tube.

Lifesaving has been a part of the World Games since 1982.

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Lifesaving joined the World Games in 1982 and has its own World Championship. (contributed)

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