Susan Gordon Pottery is an Alabama Maker making waves

Susan Gordon Pottery is an Alabama Maker making waves
Susan Gordon Pottery makes a full line of pottery products but is best known for the wavy bowls. (contributed)

Susan Gordon Pottery (Homewood)

The Maker: Susan Gordon


Susan Gordon recently made a big move but she is best known for making waves.

Susan Gordon Pottery has left the business incubation space of MAKEbhm in Avondale for a new studio and retail space in Homewood. It’s a move made possible by the success of her pottery, led by her definitive wavy bowls.

“The new space is a huge step from where we were,” Gordon said of the new home to Susan Gordon Pottery at 1910 28th Ave. S. in downtown Homewood. “I really wanted to have a space where I could connect directly to the customer and they could connect directly to our process, as well.”

Susan Gordon Pottery is an Alabama Maker of wavy bowls and more from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

In the new space, the public can shop among the wide selection of pottery that focuses on serving ware, dinnerware and decorative pieces. Susan Gordon Pottery also produces jewelry and vases that double as a wine chiller. A new casserole dish is in the works.

It’s a line that Gordon developed and created with a group of artisans for more than a year at MAKEbhm, where the business grew to take up almost the entirety of the incubator.

The wavy bowl is what sets Susan Gordon Pottery apart.

“Our bread and butter is our wavy bowls,” she said. “It’s kind of what we’re known for, it’s our specialty. A lot of people buy them for decoration or they will buy them for serving food – they’re food safe.”

The bowls are eye-catching while also being decorative and functional.

“I think people really like our things because we offer them in 24 different colors, so we can really personalize them,” Gordon said.

The wavy bowls not only come in a variety of colors and combinations of colors, but they also come in a virtually unlimited range of sizes. When a customer comes in with a good idea for a new variation that Gordon likes, she will often add it to the line.

She said the best feeling is watching her team complete a work and know it is destined for someone’s home.

“Ceramics is something, it’s a piece of art but it’s also something you can touch and feel and use and be a part of your everyday life,” Gordon said. “I think it’s cool that we provide them a product that is something that elevates everyday life.”

Susan Gordon Pottery

The product: A large line of pottery products, many with a signature wavy pattern.

Take home: The new Famille wavy bowl ($220).

Susan Gordon Pottery can be found online and on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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