On this day in Alabama history: Two Alabama counties incorporated

On this day in Alabama history: Two Alabama counties incorporated
Perspective map of Montgomery, State capital of Alabama, 1887. (Henry Wellge, Library of Congress Geography and Map Division)

December 6, 1816 and 1866

Dec. 6 brought us the incorporations of Montgomery County in 1816 and Cleburne County in 1866.

Montgomery County was created prior to Alabama statehood by the Mississippi Territorial Legislature. It was named after Maj. Lemuel Montgomery, the first American soldier killed at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. Originally part of Monroe County, Montgomery County still covered most of what is now central Alabama. Later subdivisions of Montgomery County gave us Bullock, Crenshaw and Elmore Counties.

Cleburne County was created by the Alabama legislature in 1866, taking portions of what were then Calhoun, Randolph and Talladega counties. By then, the area had already experienced a boom and a bust. Population swelled in the 1830s with the discovery of gold in shallow streams in the southern part of the county. The growth didn’t last, as the California gold rush of 1849 attracted the attention of miners.

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