Alabama Maker Stately Made creates stationery that leaves a flavorful impression

Alabama Maker Stately Made creates stationery that leaves a flavorful impression
Jordan Jarvis Hughes creates distinctive prints, stationery and other printed goods that reflect the culture and cuisine specific to various states and regions. (Brittany Dunn/Alabama NewsCenter)

Stately Made, Birmingham

The Maker: Jordan Jarvis Hughes

Inspired by state and regional culture, especially food, Jordan Jarvis Hughes started Stately Made, a stationery and goods company. “Food has a powerful way of reminding us of traditions we grew up with and the people we grew up with as well as a sense of place,” Jarvis Hughes says.

Food brings people together and reminds us where home is, and that is exactly what Stately Made is doing with prints and goods such as tote bags and coasters. A typical design features the names of foods favored by the people of a state, arranged to form the shape of that state.

It’s not only about food, but remembering our traditions.

Jarvis Hughes creates greeting cards based on expressions she heard growing up in the South, like “hey y’all,” “bless your heart” and “sorry I made you madder than a wet hen.” Greeting cards are handwritten and illustrated to convey that sense of tradition.

“I’ve always wanted to celebrate the good parts of our state and things that everyone can rally around. I feel like food is really one of those,” Jarvis Hughes says.

Stately Made is an Alabama Maker that reaches across state lines from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

Stately Made

The Product: Stationery and printed goods

Take Home: Alabama Foodways Letterpress 8×10 Print ($18)

Stately Made can be found online, on Facebook and Instagram.

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