Reney’s Honey Butter is an Alabama Maker churning delicious flavor

Reney’s Honey Butter is an Alabama Maker churning delicious flavor
Reney's Honey Butter offers a variety of custom flavors. (Dennis Washington / Alabama NewsCenter)

Reney’s Honey Butter (West Mobile)

The Maker: Meredith Simmerman

Meredith Simmerman says Reney’s Honey Butter started by accident.

“I accidentally got started by picking blackberries one Sunday afternoon, and I came home with about a million blackberries,” Simmerman said. “I had to get creative with them because my freezer was full and I had made all of the normal things — the muffins, the cobblers — so I just decided to get creative and made blackberry honey butter.”

Simmerman gave the butter away to her friends, who quickly asked for more.

“People kept messaging me, telling me I should sell it,” Simmerman said. “So I decided to do it.”

Reney’s Honey Butter churns a variety of flavors from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

That was 2017. Simmerman has since grown her honey butter business into a wholesale and retail operation, selling her honey butter flavors in 18 stores along the Gulf Coast. She also opened The Cottage, a breakfast gourmet food boutique and kitchen in West Mobile.

“It’s so exciting,” Simmerman said. “Every day is just an adventure. You never know who is going to message wanting to carry the butter or an idea that pops into my head about a different flavor. It’s fun.”

Simmerman says flavor choices vary depending on the season but always include Cinnamon Honey Butter, Toffee Honey Butter and her Original Sweet Honey Butter.

“Throughout the year I make different flavors, such as Pumpkin Honey Butter in the fall, Peppermint Honey Butter at Christmas and Blackberry and Strawberry Honey Butter in the summer,” Simmerman said. “They’re always changing.”

Simmerman was born in Mississippi but relocated to Mobile with her family after Hurricane Katrina destroyed their home. She says the wonderful people she’s met is the reason she opened her business in West Mobile.

“My favorite thing is the people,” Simmerman said. “We have so many sweet, nice people. I like being here.”

Simmerman says hopes her business can be the common thread in helping her community grow.

“Here at The Cottage I just want to build community,” Simmerman said. “I want people to form friendships when they walk in here, to love on each other, to learn new things. I want this to grow.”

Reney’s Honey Butter

The products: various flavors of honey butter

Take home: Mini 1.5 ounce ($3.75) and Regular 4 ounce ($7.75)

Reney’s Honey Butter can be found online, on Facebook and on Instagram.

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