Working from home is no vacation from safety

Working from home is no vacation from safety
Ensuring your home office is free from hazards makes for a better work environment. (Getty Images)

The precautions limiting the spread of COVID-19 have many people doing business from home. However, many of those workers able to telecommute are not “home office veterans,” and the lack of experience could create safety issues.

Alabama Power considers the safety of its customers and employees the highest priority. Bo Mitchell of 911 Consulting has compiled a detailed list of considerations regarding your home office and the environment around it. The highlights:

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  • Keep the floors clear of tripping hazards.
  • Make sure carpets and rugs are secured and not frayed.
  • Check the airflow and ventilation in your working space.


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Fire Safety

  • Is there a working smoke detector nearby?
  • Do you have a fire extinguisher?
  • Keep your area neat, and free of flammable materials


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Electrical Safety

  • Connect all electrical office equipment to a surge protector.
  • Make sure all plugs, cords, outlets and panels are in good condition and free of exposed conductors or broken insulation.
  • Ensure all extension cords and power strips are not daisy-chained, and that no permanent extension cords are in use.


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Ergonomic Safety

  • Is your desk chair in good condition?
  • When typing, keep your forearms close to parallel with the floor.
  • Work-area lighting should be directed toward the side or behind line of vision.


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Overall Safety

  • Is a first aid kit or materials easily accessible and properly supplied?
  • Make sure walkways, aisles and doorways are unobstructed.
  • Have emergency phone numbers accessible.


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