Alabama Power’s Farley Nuclear Plant is always prepared for the unexpected

Alabama Power’s Farley Nuclear Plant is always prepared for the unexpected
Farley Nuclear Plant prepares for all types of emergency situations. (file)

“Farley Nuclear Plant has safety, health and reliability plans in place and remains prepared to generate energy for our customers through the coronavirus crisis and beyond,” said Site Vice President Chuck Kharrl.

Nuclear energy facilities like Alabama Power’s Plant Farley, located near Dothan and operated by Southern Nuclear, take a proactive approach in the safe generation of clean, reliable and affordable nuclear energy with a philosophy of expecting the unexpected and preparing for it.

“Nuclear facilities are among the most robust, secure facilities ever built, with multiple layers of protection and redundant safety systems designed to maintain safe operation in extreme circumstances,” Kharrl said. “While the coronavirus situation we currently face is unique, our highly trained staff and the planning and coordination between Alabama Power and Southern Nuclear allow us to keep our employees safe and healthy while maintaining the reliable service our customers expect and deserve.”

The companies have implemented detailed plans and procedures in line with recommendations and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. State Department, World Health Organization, local health department officials and Southern Company medical directors.

“As developments around coronavirus continue to evolve, safety and health will remain our No. 1 priority,” said Southern Nuclear Chief Nuclear Officer Pete Sena. “The nuclear power industry, along with the country’s entire energy sector, is important for every citizen in the United States. The actions our teams have taken ensure nuclear safety, personal safety and the successful execution of our business initiatives.”

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