Defeat cabin fever and learn new things with UAB virtual classes

Defeat cabin fever and learn new things with UAB virtual classes
If you've struggled to thread a needle, UAB's 'Basic Stitching' class may be right for you. Instructor Lillis Taylor provides tips on how to embroider and perform basic stitching – skills that come in handy while sewing a cloth mask to protect you and the family from COVID-19. Virtual classes offered by UAB's ArtPlay, Arts in Medicine and AEIVA programs fit into your family's schedule, with something to meet everyone's fancy. (UAB)

Don’t let cabin fever get you down – express your creativity with help from UAB artists-in-residence as you stay safe at home.

You’ll find myriad playlists from UAB ArtPlay, Arts in Medicine and AEIVA that offer something for everyone. Best of all, UAB teachers guide virtual learners every step of the way. None of the classes are longer than 20 minutes, which helps to mesh activities into an evolving home-school routine.

You’ve got the time – learn a new skill

Ten ArtPlay classes let you grow skills you can use. A hand-stitching class teaches the basics of sewing, instructing about the simplest way to thread a needle. Basic techniques given in this class could be handy when making a cloth face mask. Relax while painting with watercolors or map out your life plan. Let your mind roam as you design beautiful art patterns suitable for home decoration. Keep your hands busy while learning to create paper hexagons for gift-giving and enjoyment.

Boost your child’s home-schooling routine

Keep the kids entertained with UAB’s storytelling and the “Storytime” book series, which includes Spanish selections. Subscribe for updates to see new subjects each week.

You can help guide kids through fun art activities – perfect for beginners but still allow youngsters to do the work:

  • Paper Flowers with Ms. Mollie: Use tissue paper and coffee filters to decorate your bedroom or give to a friend.
  • Printmaking with Ms. Mollie: This easy project is great for all ages and is perfect way to get outside or explore your home for textures.

Enhance your children’s home-schooling routine with ArtPlay writing lessons from professional writer Audrey Atkins:

Emmie Megan Hicks enlightens art lovers about a famous lithograph by Pablo Picasso, which is part of the university collection. (UAB)

Become an AEIVA subscriber and develop a stronger art appreciation

After the kids settle down, feed your artistic leanings with selections from AEIVA. Many people don’t realize the university has a permanent art collection. Enjoy AEIVA videos including Staff Chats, Objects from the Collection and a guest chat with Emmie Megan Hicks as she examines “Le Seigneur et la Dame,” a famous lithograph by Pablo Picasso.

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