Alabama Power is storm-season ready with possible Easter storms looming

Alabama Power is storm-season ready with possible Easter storms looming
As always, Alabama Power is prepared to respond to any power outages caused by possible severe weather on Easter. All of Alabama is at risk of strong winds and even a few long-track tornadoes. Residents should be alert and make important preparations. (file)

Springtime means the possibility of storms and severe weather. With forecasters predicting the potential for severe weather this weekend, it is even more important to know how to prepare while also following state and federal guidelines surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alabama Power is closely monitoring the weather and is prepared to move quickly if severe storms strike.

Alabama Power encourages customers to prepare for severe weather from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

With the potential for severe storms, families should review their emergency plans and be prepared for any situation. With many people telecommuting and kids staying at home from school and day care, it is important to review your home safety plan and make sure everyone knows the safe places for shelter.

Alabama Power offers the following tips to help customers stay storm ready before, during and after severe weather:

  • Charge cellphones, pagers and other electronic devices.
  • Have several flashlights with extra batteries as well as a first-aid kit.
  • Have a three-day minimum supply of water – 1 gallon per person per day, plus three days’ supply of food and drink that does not have to be refrigerated.
  • Use a battery-operated weather radio to stay informed.
  • If the weather is warm, turn down the thermostat to cool your house. If you keep doors and windows closed after the storm, you can keep your house relatively cool for about 48 hours.
  • Seek shelter inside a sturdy building. In the event of a tornado, the safest place is on the lowest level. Choose a small room with no windows, such as an interior closet, hallway or bathroom.
Members of the public should stay away from any downed power lines and any downed trees that may have power lines in them. Alabama Power also urges residents not to approach its line crew members out of COVID-19 social distancing concerns. (file)


Alabama Power has taken additional measures during the pandemic to ensure the continuity of services and the well-being of its employees and the public.

“Our proactive safety and health planning for COVID-19 has prepared us to effectively respond to severe weather and provide the reliable service our customers expect and trust us to deliver,” said Power Delivery General Manager Kristie Barton.

The company is asking the public to help maintain a safe social distance of 6 feet from crews and field representatives, allowing employees to safely continue to serve customers.

Following a storm, Alabama Power encourages customers who may experience a power outage to follow these tips:

  1. Report your outage online at You can also call the automated reporting system at 1-800-888-APCO (2726).
  2. Turn off or unplug appliances to avoid any potential safety hazards when power is restored.
  3. Stay away from downed lines. Do not drive over lines or under low-hanging lines. Keep children and pets away from downed lines. Do not attempt to remove tree limbs or anything else caught in power lines. Stay clear of fallen trees or debris where downed lines may be hidden. Call Alabama Power at 1-800-888-2726 or contact local law enforcement if you see downed lines.

Learn more to help you and your family prepare before storms by visiting the Alabama Power Storm Center.

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