DeSoto Caverns offers online educational opportunities for students

DeSoto Caverns offers online educational opportunities for students
DeSoto Caverns is closed to visitors during the COVID-19 shutdown, but the popular attraction is offering state-approved educational programs for K-12 students as well as virtual cave tours. (DeSoto Caverns)

With schools closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, DeSoto Caverns knows that teachers are scrambling to find innovative educational resources to enhance their online lesson plans for students. The Childersburg park has unveiled a state-approved online curriculum that includes science and social studies tools for grades K-12.

“As a family business with many family members who are educators, we know that this chaotic time has been especially stressful for teachers,” said DeSoto Caverns President Joy Sorensen. “It’s challenging to give your students assignments to do at home that are interesting and correlate to their curriculum. We know you’ve spent years cultivating an intentional in-classroom experience and with so many changes to the process you’ve worked so hard to create, we hope to be a free source of solutions for you during this difficult time.”

For each grade level, the science and social studies platforms include quotes from state curriculum, content explanation, videos and quizzes. Teachers can verify that students have used the DeSoto Caverns platform by asking one of the quiz questions. The right answer will let teachers know that their students completed and comprehended the assignment.

About 30 miles south of Birmingham, DeSoto Caverns features historic caves, a scenic park, campgrounds, a café, a gift shop and 20 attractions nestled in the midst of waterfalls, ponds and streams.

“We are blessed to own and steward this historic landmark for our state and country,” Sorensen said. “We are passionate about education and hope that this online curriculum assists both educators and students around the state and country with their education program.”

For more information about this online educational resource, click here.

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