Heroes at UAB Center for Nursing Excellence work to protect fellow nurses

Heroes at UAB Center for Nursing Excellence work to protect fellow nurses
More than 55 nurses in UAB's Center for Nursing Excellence were treated to a delicious lunch on April 22, as thanks for their unswerving dedication and assistance in keeping their fellow nurses safe on the job. CNE nurses train nursing staff throughout UAB Hospital in the correct usage of personal protection equipment, which is crucial to safeguarding staff and patients from the spread of the novel coronavirus. The nurses were buoyed by the show of community support, said UAB CNE Senior Director Connie White-Williams. (UAB)

Nurses at UAB Hospital’s Center for Nursing Excellence (CNE) are committed to ensuring their colleagues have the latest information and best practices to treat patients amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

About 55 nurses work behind the scenes to safeguard UAB nurses in 14 different specialties, day and night. These nurses train and monitor other nurses to make sure they correctly wear personal protective equipment in the fight against COVID-19. Masks, shields and gloves that nurses and doctors wear are crucial to preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus.

“As we progressed into preparing for COVID-19, things changed so rapidly, we were educating our nursing staff about something new almost every three to four days,” said Connie White-Williams, senior director of the center. “The CNE developed and is teaching ongoing, daylong classes to prepare acute care nurses to work in the intensive care setting if the situation arises.”

Strong community support for frontline health care workers continues with help from companies, including Alabama Power, as they produce protective equipment and supply meals for nurses and staff.

CNE staff were recently treated to lunch to thank them for all they do for fellow workers and patients, said Meaghan Childs, meeting and event specialist at Alabama Power, who helped coordinate the meal service. The lunch was provided by Alabama Power’s Corporate and Administrative Services department.

White-Williams thanked Alabama Power for its support.

“We in the Center for Nursing Excellence were so appreciative of the meals, and everything worked out perfectly,” she said.

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