#ChalkTheWalk: Regions finds colorful approach to service while social distancing

#ChalkTheWalk: Regions finds colorful approach to service while social distancing
Regions Bank employees at branches that experience a lot of walk-up ATM traffic used sidewalk chalk to write friendly instructions urging social distancing. (Doing More Today)

The first Friday of the month is typically a busy time for banks. There’s often a lot of walk-up traffic, with people looking to cash checks or make deposits.

At Regions, teams got creative in encouraging customers to remember social distancing – while offering some colorful artwork to brighten their day.

For now, Regions’ bank branches are limited to drive-thru service during regular hours or in-office service by appointment only.

But knowing the branches also get a lot of walk-up customers at some locations, teams were able to create “walk-up lanes” to complement the drive-thru lanes.

ATMs remain available 24/7. Branches marked where people could safely wait to use them. They made it clear people should stay at least six feet apart.

Sidewalk chalk that Regions sent to branches across the Southeast, the Midwest and Texas, along with other tools, helped enhance the message.

The bank is taking a lot of serious measures to help keep people safe, such as enhanced cleaning procedures that follow guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

At the same time, the bank wants to continue its legacy of friendly service. These branches – and other Regions locations throughout the communities they serve – are working to deliver that service, with a smile, even during a difficult time.

This story originally appeared on Regions Bank’s Doing More Today website.

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