Alabama Power to upgrade streetlights in Mobile

Alabama Power to upgrade streetlights in Mobile
Over the next 18 months, Alabama Power will replace more than 20,000 streetlights in Mobile with LED streetlights that improve visibility and security, through a partnership with the city. (Getty Images)

Upgrades to more than 20,000 streetlights in Mobile will mean improved visibility and security, said local officials and Alabama Power representatives.

The city of Mobile has contracted with Alabama Power to replace older, high-pressure sodium, mercury-vapor and metal halide streetlights with LED fixtures. The new lights will be brighter and require less maintenance.

“Citizens across Mobile will benefit from better lighting and improved efficiency as a result of these improvements,” said Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson. “We are happy to work in partnership with Alabama Power on this project.”

“The project is expected to begin this summer and take about 18 months to complete,” said Rudd Schultze, Alabama Power marketing manager. “The new equipment is being installed with no upfront cost to the city.”

“We worked closely with the city to reach an agreement that meets its needs and provides residents with significant benefits,” said Scott Godbold, Alabama Power senior marketing specialist.

“Many of our employees live and work in Mobile, so this is especially meaningful for us to work with the city on this positive community project,” said Patrick Murphy, vice president of Alabama Power’s Mobile Division. “We appreciate and value our partnership with the city and look forward to working together on this project.”

Under the contract with the city, Alabama Power will install the LED equipment and continue to provide maintenance, repairs and replacement service for the lights and poles. LED fixtures use light-emitting diodes instead of bulbs. They are more durable and last longer than traditional fixtures, in addition to providing better-quality lighting and visibility for motorists and pedestrians.

Alabama Power is working with cities and counties across the state to meet their streetlight needs and upgrade lighting systems. The company offers a variety of LED lighting options for commercial and industrial customers.

Other cities that have contracted with Alabama Power for LED upgrades include Thomasville, Birmingham and Montgomery.

To learn more about LED lighting from Alabama Power, go to and search for “LED lighting.”

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