Mobile community medical program helps develop successful careers

Mobile community medical program helps develop successful careers
Victory Professional Development Center in Mobile is helping people get job training. (Dennis Washington / Alabama NewsCenter)

For Suporior Campbell, success is not about recognition or awards but rather walking in the path God has chosen for her and her husband, Leo.

That path took a big turn five years ago when Campbell started Victory Professional Development Center, which offers short-term certificate programs for people interested in a medical career. Campbell realized her community needed more medical-training options and told her husband, a now-retired Alabama Power foreman, that she needed to step out on faith to start Victory.

“He never questioned my calling,” Campbell said. “He simply said, ‘How much do you need to get it started?’ We’ve worked together every step of the way.”

When Campbell opened Victory in 2015, the only program she could offer to four students was an evening nursing assistant (CNA) class. Since then, Victory has grown to offer eight programs, day and evening, at six locations, with two more classes coming later this year.

“There are not a lot of agencies offering as many programs as we do,” Campbell said. “Just the name itself tells us that we are going to be victorious.”

Victory Professional Development Center connects people with their communities from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

Victory partners with agencies throughout the community to ensure students have adequate places to train in easily accessible locations. Campbell relies on agencies, such as the Franklin Primary Health Center, Bishop State Community College and the Mobile Infirmary, to keep Victory in a position to reach students. At Bishop State Community College, there is a dedicated location on campus where Victory teaches its Allied Health Program.

“Community partnership is primary to the success of our programs,” said Campbell.

Victory has two locations in Jackson and one in Mt. Vernon to accommodate students who live in those areas and cannot afford to drive to Mobile. Students train at small nursing homes in their communities, gaining experience while providing much-needed healthcare.

“For some students, because of life challenges, transportation issues or financial issues, they would not be able to afford a traditional college experience,” Campbell said. “These programs allow students to get the training that they need in a short period of time.”

Agencies such as the YMCA and DHR often pay tuition to Victory for students that meet criteria set by the agencies. Campbell said this provides students with the opportunity to get into the workforce after completing entry-level courses.

“We have had just some awesome success stories,” said Campbell. “For a lot of individuals, it’s just the empowerment of being able to secure a job that has great financial reward and to know they have avenues to go and continue to do bigger and better things.”

Victory offers programs for nursing assistant, phlebotomy, EKG technician, medical assistant, CPR, billing and coding and pharmacy technician. Campbell said surgical technician and truck driving programs will be added later this year.

“Many students that have already completed a program at Victory return to get another certification,” Campbell said. “They want to come back because we try to hire instructors that are knowledgeable in those areas, but that also have compassion for people.”

In January, Campbell launched Victory Home Care to provide for individuals that are homebound through services such as daily activity assistance, meal preparation and transportation support. Campbell wants Victory Home Care to hire graduates of Victory Professional Development Center to help them become productive citizens while encouraging further education.

“I’m proud of everything that Victory does, but I am most proud of the students that return and tell us that if it had not been for this program, they may have ended up on the streets,” Campbell said.

In 2019, Victory was voted Small Business of the Year and received the Grind Award and the Eagle Award from the Mobile Chamber of Commerce. For Campbell, Victory’s success is found on the faces of her students.

“When we are walking down the corridors at Mobile Infirmary or Providence Hospital and we see a former student that recognizes us and is able to say, ‘I went to Victory and look where I am now,’ we’re just really grateful for the path that God has put us on with Victory.”

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