Alabama HBCUs: Stillman College

Alabama HBCUs: Stillman College
Stillman College was founded in Tuscaloosa in 1875. (contributed)

Editor’s note: Alabama NewsCenter is taking a look at several of the state’s historically Black colleges and universities this week.


Stillman College got approved to offer online degrees just before COVID-19 hit. That allowed this historically black college in Tuscaloosa to pivot and finish the 2020 spring semester with virtual learning.

It’s the latest example of Stillman’s commitment to meet students where they are.

The college is planning to hold on-campus classes again this fall, though there will be some major differences. All dorm rooms have been converted to single occupancy. The cafeteria and other common areas will enforce social distancing and temperature checks and other measures will be used.

Dr. Cynthia Warrick, president of Stillman College, believes the size of the student body – Stillman typically has fewer than 1,000 students – makes it easier not only to manage COVID-19 guidelines but to create a family atmosphere on campus with everyone looking out for one another.

And meeting students where they are.

Stillman College is meeting students where they are from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

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