Germ Busters: ‘America’s principal’ Dr. Lee and company make another COVID-19 parody video

Germ Busters: ‘America’s principal’ Dr. Lee and company make another COVID-19 parody video
Dr. Quentin Lee, principal of Childersburg High School, enlisted faculty, staff and students to help create a follow-up to Lee's viral COVID-19 safety parody of MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This." The new video parodies Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters" as "Germ Busters." (contributed)

Childersburg High School principal Dr. Quentin Lee has posted another YouTube video imploring students to follow CDC guidelines for staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This one – Germ Busters – is a parody of the 1984 earworm “Ghostbusters,” by Ray Parker Jr.

The video begins with Lee cruising into his school parking space driving a clean BMW X5 with the song “Fame” by David Bowie playing in the background. The setup is an apparent self-jab at the popularity of Lee’s last COVID video, a parody of MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This,” which went viral and gained the principal international, um, fame.

He exits the car but doubles back to grab, what else, his face shield. Upon entering the school, he’s immediately confronted by a staffer who alerts him: “Dr. Lee, there are germs in this school!”

From there, Dr. Lee, with his administrator sidekicks, go into germ-killing mode. Equipped with disinfectant backpack sprayers, they scour the hallways looking for germs and reminding students to wash their hands, social distance and, of course, sanitize.

The promo to the video reads: “America’s Principal – Dr. Quentin Lee, Staff, and Students create a COVID Video to the tune of Ghostbusters.”

The video was posted on Monday and had more than 2,200 views by Wednesday morning. Lee’s “Can’t Touch This” video, which was posted in August, had more than 6 million views over a few weeks.

The principal, known for having fun as an educator, says his intention is to bring some levity to the very serious nature of the pandemic in hopes that students will be more likely to follow the CDC guidelines and stay safe.

“We wanted to up the production value on this one,” Lee said, referring to the graphic visuals of demonic-looking germs that got “busted” in the video. “We also were able to include more students and teachers.

“It was good to have more students involved this time,” he said. “Everyone had fun. It was just really fun.”

Lee said he and the crew are scheduled to appear on Cedric the Entertainer’s TV show “The Greatest #AtHome Videos” this Friday at 7 CST on CBS. The show will feature the “Can’t Touch This Video” and also mention “Germ Busters.”

Lee said he is planning a Red Carpet watch party at the stadium during Childersburg’s home game Friday night.

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