Techstars Alabama EnergyTech Startup spotlight: Sync

Techstars Alabama EnergyTech Startup spotlight: Sync
Sync CEO Sayonsom Chanda and President Robert Kabera. (Sync)

Alabama NewsCenter is highlighting the inaugural class of 10 startups participating in the Techstars Alabama EnergyTech Accelerator. The companies specialize in technology and business models to enhance the future of energy, including a digital marketplace for the electric wholesale industry, battery storage and microgrid solutions, and smart home software. Learn more about Techstars here. Also read profiles of Shipshape Solutions, Con.doit, TruSpin, Elektrik, Ashipa Electric and EnergyHawk.

Today we look at Sync.

Company Name

Sync Inc.

Company hometown

New York City.

Leadership team names

Sayonsom Chanda, CEO; Robert Kabera, president.

Alabama NewsCenter: What is your company’s overall focus and mission?

Sync: Vision: Harnessing AI/ML (artificial intelligence/machine learning) to make critical infrastructure antifragile. Mission: Providing energy AI on demand that streamlines planning and operations for utilities. Every day. Especially during emergencies.

Alabama NewsCenter: What inspired you to develop this company?

Sync: We envision that the power of artificial intelligence should be available to every utility personnel, whenever it is needed, wherever it is required. Engineers should have the ability to harness the power of AI/ML without having to write code.

Alabama NewsCenter: What attracted your company most to the state of Alabama and the Techstars Alabama EnergyTech Accelerator?

Sync: Despite challenging weather patterns, the state of Alabama is well-known for incorporating groundbreaking technologies that further strengthen their grid’s infrastructure. In particular, Alabama Power Company (APC), one of the leading utilities in the country, supports technologies that further grid reliability, including storm response and recovery. APC’s mission is evident by the numerous awards the company receives, such as the Emergency Recovery Award and Emergency Assistance Award from the Edison Electric Institute after Hurricane Michael hit Alabama, Georgia and Florida in October 2018. Sync Energy is pleased to work beside Alabama Power to ensure that APC stays on top when it comes to grid resiliency and reliability stays as a top priority. The Alabama Power Techstars program is ideal for Sync Energy for several reasons. Firstly, Alabama is in the middle of a tropical storm zone. By leveraging new, emerging technologies, this could strengthen APC’s preparation before, during and after a storm. Secondly, Sync is part of the first energy-tech program of its kind, which is backed by APC, an ideal partner.


Alabama NewsCenter: Other than moving your startup forward, what is the most meaningful, long-term learning or takeaway you hope to gain for your company by participating in the Techstars class?

Sync: To leverage the Techstars network and build the leading energy AI company, while leveraging my network and resources to help other Techstars ventures do the same. The value of one, the power of all.

Alabama NewsCenter: What is the No. 1 thing you would like potential investors to know or understand about your company?

Sync: Sync Energy brings a no-code efficiency and resilience to the utility control room. Many models today in the financial or technology world – especially predictive models – are extremely fragile, built with specific conditions. When these conditions are not met – such as in the housing mortgage industry in 2008 or COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 – things fall apart. With Sync Energy, we are building a different kind of model, an anti-fragile model. An emergency planning and response platform that gets better, stronger and smarter with each disaster event.

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