The Grilling King: Smoked Mayonnaise Turkey

The Grilling King: Smoked Mayonnaise Turkey
Smoked Mayonnaise Turkey is a different way to prepare your bird this holiday season. (The Grilling King)

If you’re reading this after seeing the headline, then you’re either genuinely curious about this recipe or you’re grossed out by the idea of using mayonnaise and wanted to see more out of morbid curiosity. Either way, I’m glad you’re here and let me say from the start that the mayonnaise really helps distribute the rub, adds some flavor and helps preserve some moisture – but it doesn’t taste like mayonnaise in the final product.

Like the mayonnaise rub, everything about this recipe is adding something special to the finished flavor. The aromatics we stuff inside, the wood chunks we use on the smoke and the apple juice we use to baste all lend something that makes this smoked turkey different than others you may have tried.

It’s a perfect way to change up your turkey game this Thanksgiving, Christmas or anytime.


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