Flood Safety Tips

Flash flooding is the No. 1 weather-related killer in the United States. Flooding can occur after just minutes of heavy rainfall. Floods may happen anywhere and at any time.

A flood/flash flood watch means rains could cause flash flooding. Be prepared for floods.
A flood/flash flood warning means flash flooding is happening or is about to happen. Move to safe ground immediately.

Follow these steps to survive a flash flood:

  • Be alert. If rains last several hours or days, there’s a chance of flooding. Listen to local radio or TV stations and NOAA weather radio for watch/warning bulletins. Know your area’s flood risk.
  • Watch for rising water levels. Quickly go to high ground if you see or hear rapidly rising water
  • Never attempt to walk or drive through flowing water. Water may appear shallow, but flooding can wash out deep holes or sweep people away. Most flood deaths occur in automobiles, often when drivers attempt to cross flooded places. If your vehicle stalls, abandon it and go to higher ground immediately.
  • Be especially cautious at night. Darkness can hide flood dangers.
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