Winter Weather Safety Tips

Even in Alabama, we get ice storms caused by prolonged periods of freezing rain. Trees, power lines, roads and walkways get covered with ice. Power lines come down.

If you lose electric service, the following safety tips can help you stay safe:

  • Non-electric, unvented space heaters can be a hazard. Use them only in well-ventilated areas.
  • Cook with a camp stove, fireplace or can of Sterno (cooking fuel). Never use charcoal or other fuels in unventilated areas.
  • If you use an electric generator, plug appliances directly into it. Never plug a generator directly into your home’s electrical wiring. Click here to get more generator safety tips.
  • Disconnect or turn off appliances you were using when the power went off. Leave one light on to tell you when service is restored.
  • Avoid opening refrigerators or freezers. Food will stay frozen in a fully loaded freezer for two to three days if the door is closed. In a half-full freezer, food will keep 24 hours.

Be Prepared

Good preparation makes winter storms more bearable. Follow a storm’s progress by monitoring a weather radio. Prepare for a possible power outage.

Make sure you:

  • Stock up on non-perishable foods, heating fuel and medications.
  • Fill your bathtub and spare containers with water in case your electric water pump or the local water system goes out.
  • Have a flashlight, a battery-powered radio and fresh batteries handy.
  • Prepare older family members, friends or neighbors who live alone for the weather.
Click here to view the Emergency Supply Kit.